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Friday, December 06, 2019

Hand-Tufted Carpet Manufacturers India

What is Hand Tufted Carpet?

Hand-tufted carpet 

Hand Tufted Carpets are becoming more popular these days due to their unique concept of manufacturing keeping the aesthetic values intact. India is an emerging and one of the most competitive markets when it comes to manufacturing the best quality hand-tufted carpets as well as hand-knotted carpets. 

The rich historical value which is intact in India is also reflected in the art form which is portrayed on the carpets, thus providing it unmatchable elegance and quality.

First of all, let's understand what exactly Hand Tufted Carpets are and then we will get towards the expansion of hand-tufted carpets in India.

What is Hand Tufted Carpet?

weaving of the hand-tufted rug
weaving of the hand-tufted rug
The dictionary meaning of "Tuft" means "A bunch or collection of threads, held together at the base." And Tufting means "To strengthen by passing a cluster of threads through the material, so making depressions at regular intervals."

So basically, Hand-Tufted carpets are made by punching or shooting woolen strands into a canvas using a hand-operated tufting gun which is a kind of sophisticated needle, and the canvas, in turn, is stretched on a frame. The rug is removed from the frame after the pile is created and then we safeguard the carpet using a heavy-duty lining at the back.

Hand Tufted carpets are made using an entirely different process than Hand-knotted carpets, as many of us might think that both are kind of same. Let's know the differences between both techniques.

Hand-knotted carpets vs. Hand tufted carpets

hand-tufted rug weaving
hand-tufted rug weaving
hand-knotted rug weaving
hand-knotted rug weaving

  1. As the name suggests hand-knotted carpets are created by tying knots while there is no concept of tying in hand-tufted carpets. It punches or shoots the wool into the canvas by using a hand-operated tufted gun.
  2. The cost of hand-tufted carpet is significantly lesser than that of a hand-knotted carpet due to significantly less time required to make a hand-tufted carpet compared to hand-knotted one. However, hand-tufted carpet designs are no less attractive than that of hand-knotted carpets. 
  3. Hand-knotted carpets are made up of natural fibers like wool, silk or combining both, while Hand tufted carpets are made primarily of wool and nowadays it is also made using synthetic fibers like viscose, polyester, etc.

Hand-Tufted Carpet market expansion in India

hand-tufted rug made by manufacturers
hand-tufted rug made by manufacturers

As mentioned at the very beginning of this post, the hand-tufted carpet industry is spread worldwide. However, Indian hand-made carpets are considered one of the best carpets in the world and these are exported to over 100 countries out of which the US takes away the largest share. We, Global Floor Furnishers, are one of the manufacturers and exporters of some of the best quality hand-tufted carpets and rugs.

Hand-tufted carpet manufacturing is getting more and more popular mainly because it caters more people, as more public can afford to buy it due to its lesser cost, maintaining the aesthetics and beauty as that of knotted carpets at the same time.If you need any more information or details, please write to us at or can also whats ap at +91-9839141651, we would be happy to assist you in any manner we can.

Monday, October 22, 2018

what is tufted carpet

what does hand tufted rug mean

A very common query we receive as under :

1.         what does hand tufted rug mean or
2.         what is tufted carpet

Very plain sense this means that: Hand-tufted is a process of weaving rugs and carpets in a particular pattern, where you tuft the yarn with the help of gun. The process starts with the canvas cloth on which the design layout is printed and with the help of the gun, the yarn is inserted as per the colours specified in the map.

weaving of tufted carpet
the weaving of a tufted carpet
Once the yarn is inserted on canvas cloth, or say when the weaving is over, after close inspection that the colours have been placed right or not, a paste popularly named as latex is done on the back of the rug, so that the yarn which is tufted on canvas cloth gets locked, and doesn’t comes out. To make the rug more strength and look good a backing canvas is then pasted.

first finishing of tufted rug
first finishing of a tufted rug

final finishing of tufted rug
final finishing of a tufted rug
The best part of hand-tufted rugs is they are very fast in weaving and quite price competitive when you compare with the hand-knotted rugs. With the growing skill, most of the designs can be transformed in a hand-tufted pattern.